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Admiral and father to Capt. George Hellman. Lead character of the first two books and last seen at the start of book 3 when he holds the line for George to flee from the Council Massacre. Husband to Madam Sera. He had tan, slightly reddened skin and a soot-grey beard.

Hagen is known for his ruthlessness in all aspects of life save his family, which he treasures above all else.

The Blazed Demon

11 years before the first main series book, then-Captain Hagen Hellman was in charge of the ship the Blazed Demon[1]. Despite having been a member of the Alliance of Sky Sailors for over 40 years prior to that, Hagen does not look nor act as someone well over 60 should. The source of his vitality and possibly slowed aging is unknown, but as the trait is one of many he clearly shares with his mother, some speculate that they are descended from some sort of Demon.

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