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TripeHoundRedux TripeHoundRedux 14 February 2021

Help me out here.

So, I have a few pages I want to make changes to but the changes don’t seem to be an option. A couple I want to delete and one I would like to change the title of.

i fully understand those might be admin functions but I’m not sure how to trigger that either. Like, how do I mark a page for an admin to delete it? Or for an admin to tweak the page title?

I have to believe it’s fairly simple and I’m just missing the function somewhere. :)

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Steve Dogiakos Steve Dogiakos 13 February 2021


You guys are amazing. I started this wiki and bought as soon as I heard about the revival.

All I can say is THANK YOU. This project, from the TikTok community, the Discord, to the subreddit, and all the other communities forming in the corners of the internet, has been the best part of 2021 so far.

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