Ships of the Northern Fleet TV Show Wiki

Precursor works:

  1. A Ship of the Northern Fleet. (Novella) First appeared in a limited edition issue of Analog in the early 1980s.
  2. The Eternal Storm of Stars
  3. To Fall Below the Clouds

Original Novels: The Skyfell Saga written by James Hogan

  1. Ships of The Northern Fleet
  2. Winds of the Northern Isles
  3. Path of the Maelstrom
  4. A Battle in Violent Waters
  5. Into the Shadowlands
  6. What We Left Behind
  7. And A Star to Sail Her By
  8. Endless Thunder
  9. Storm Over the Northern Seas
  10. Waters Run Still
  11. Beyond the Horizon's Edge
  12. Lost and Never Found
  13. Dandetiger
  14. The Silver Fleet
  15. Once Like Family
  16. The Widening Gyre
  17. The Centre Cannot Hold
  18. The Aurelian Equation
  19. Black Fate
  20. Imperial Dawn
  21. Nations Sundered
  22. The Pale Aurora
  23. A Song of Overwhelming Force
  24. Exult O Shores, and Ring O Bells!
  25. For the Call of the Running Tide
  26. A Scavenging of Kraken
  27. By Coral to Bone
  28. Typhoon’s Eye
  29. Convergence of the Twain
  30. Connected by Current and Tide
  31. The Ever Arid Sky
  32. Sunset’s Last Glimmerings

Standalone Novels - SOTNF: Flotsam by Various Authors

Short Story Collections - SOTNF: Jetsam by Various Authors

  1. Gods, Monsters, and Wild Surface Things
  2. The Awful Spirits of The Deep
  3. From Hell’s Heart
  4. Remembering the Lost
  5. Swiggity: Ten Stories of Glurp

Comics/Graphic Novels

The Ships of the Northern Fleet has inspired two series of western comics (from Image Comics and Marvel) and five standalone Graphic Novels in Japan:

Image Comics

  1. Issue
  2. Issue
  3. Issue
  4. Forever Reborn
  5. Issue
  6. Issue
  7. Issue
  8. Issue
  9. 164 Rites of The Reborn
  10. Issue



  1. Issue
  2. Issue
  3. Issue
  4. Issue

Prequel Novels - The Rising Tide by Valentine Okefor

  1. ...And What Great Beast
  2. The Feted Heart
  3. That Darkness May Be Given Voice
  4. Triton’s Beacon
  5. Queen Annabeth’s War
  6. Scylla & Charybdis
  7. Full Fathom Five
  8. The Wine-Dark Firmament
  9. Land Forever Lost
  10. To The Skies

Post TV Series Novels

  1. The Realm of Awe
  2. The Flame of Dalenhow
  3. Up Draft!
  4. Flags of Back and Tyrian Purple
  5. Devania Triumphant
  6. Scarlet Masts
  7. A Blue Eternity
  8. To Fall Below the Clouds

YA Series - Below the Northern Decks by Charli Danvers

  1. A Sunning of Cormorants
  2. A Flotilla of Gulls
  3. A Spiraling of Hawks
  4. A Conspiracy of Ravens

Expanded Universe Novels - SOTNF: Scrimshaw by Various Authors

  1. Drowned in Starlight
  2. The Grand Voyage
  3. Land Under the Blue Star
  4. Laughing At the Void
  5. What Never Was Can Never Be
  6. The Suns Shine in Amber
  7. A Pirate Even Here
  8. The Paradox Apparatus
  9. The Other Side of Infinity
  10. Eternity Approaches