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The sketch that turned out to be Caelum that Keelie did over the course of Season 3

Fun Fact: Caelum means "sky/heavens" and Cerillian is a play on the color Cerulean. His name means Blue Sky!

Caelum Cerillian was partner to Keelie Lawless, neither of them fully announcing or talking about a relationship title even up to his end. Josephine tried to get in between the two, even going as far as to plant lipstick smears, hair, and underwear around Caelum's room for Keelie to find after she had come back to apologize for a fight they had earlier. Upon discovering the shape of their room, she stormed through the ship to find them and when she did she smacked them in front of all the other crew and told them to "at least try to cover our tracks if you're gonna be a sleazebag, pack your shit and leave". (They had been asked to transfer to a Royal Family as a personal scribe but had instead chose to remain onboard because of what they felt for Keelie and the newfound family- as dysfunctional as it was- in the crew.) Keelie bolted out of the ship on her speederbike with tears streaming down her face.

When Caelum rushed to their room to figure out what she was talking about, Josephine was there on their bed. After some terse words were exchanged, Caelum went sprinting after Keelie's trail.

However, not soon after leaving the ship as they ware calling out for her, they were attacked from behind and beaten unconcious by members of Captain Olaf Hellman's crew. Caelum was taken back to his ship where they were interrogated by Hellman and his crew about a crewmate of theirs that had run away and stole some very valuable things, of which Caelum had no knowledge of and made that clear multiple times but they refused to acknowledge it. They were then used as leverage against the PCV [ ], which Captain Olaf Hellman had somehow decided that they were harboring his runaway. Keelie had made it back onboard during the attack, so she saw everything on the screen.

Caelum Cerillian died from a plasma blast to the head by Captain Olaf Hellman in the middle of his last words.

They never got to tell her he loved her.

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