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Captain George Hellman is the leader of the Fleet of the Necronauts. He was portrayed by Nathan Fillion in all 6 seasons of the Ships of the Northern Fleet TV show.

Captain Hellman created the Bio Mecha Drake Corastun in an attempt at both strengthening the defences of his ship and attaining a greater understanding of the process of transfering conciousness from one body to another.

In the anime adaptation and spinoff series Into The West his name was changed Anders Hellman, although this character was very different from any previous versions. Due to fan outcry about the mischaracterization, Anders is later retconned into being the original Captain Hellman's second son.


When Nathan Fillion initially played Captain Hellman on he did so under the pseudonym Nathan Hammer in order to hide his role from his Kappa Alpha Society brothers, who habitually made fun of people reading the books at the University of Alberta.