Ships of the Northern Fleet TV Show Wiki

Small clockwork hedghogs created by the Cogs-Folk to aid them in both the continued maintenance of air ships, as well as other mechanical Lepidoptera. Specifically their purpose was to understand the wide variety of cogs. Each Cog Hog is imbued with exceedingly detailed knowledge of tooth count, thickness, material, rotational direction, as well as other qualities of every cog on the ship despite being entirely clockwork. A Cogs-Folk need only whisper the needed cog, and the hog will scurry off to acquire the exact cog needed.

Cog Hogs are known for having silky smooth fur over rows and rows of razor sharp plates that act in both a defensive nature when not in the collapsed position Cogs-Folk refer to as, "Cuddle Mode." When in a relaxed state, or fetching cogs during calmer voyages, the defensive plates lie flat against the chassis of the Cog Hog, and a hand can be run across the Cog Hog from nose to rump in a petting motion. The fur covering the defensive plates is spun Patchurisisan Marmot fur, which is collected from the nettle and thorn bushes of the Falgen Sky Islands. Known for it's strength, when spun on a traditional Fiber Wheel the Patchurisisian Marmot's fur has been described as as soft as a cloud brushing a fallen eyelash off a moth's wing without the moth paying it mind. However the spinning process orients the fibers in a crystaline structure that yields a strength to the completed fabrics not dissimilar to the Rubidium Thruster Casings used on many riskier sky ship designs. The pleasing fur accompanied by the warmth generated by the internal dynamos has led many Cogs-Folks sailing at higher altitudes to keep Cog Hogs not just as maintenance helpers, but also as personal space heaters much like the Aztecs used Chihuahas.

When a ship is under attack, or a Cog Hog detects that their Cogs-Folk simulacrosymbiote is under duress they will adopts a defensive posture. A Cog Hog will raise it's defensive plates while turning it's back on the perceived attacker. Cog Hogs will perform short, aggressive, backwards charges at any perceived threat, but not engage in a truly tactical sense. Multiple Cog Hogs will typically band together to form a defensive ring around any sailor they have collectively formed a bond with.

Production Models[]

While production models are scarce, reports from the set indicate that the main body of the Cog Hogs used during filming made use of a modified Sphero robot surrounded by a model of a full size Cog Hog. Legs attached to clockwork gears on a self-leveling body moved in a clicking motion to give the Cog Hogs the appearance of actually scurrying about the ship on camera.