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The Cogs-Folk fleet is lead by Captain Jane Flint.

No sky ship will be able to keep a cloud in its sails without without at least one Cogs-Folk sailor onboard. Engineers and inventors, these brilliant minds are a must-have for any crew.

Cogs-Folk have never met a machine they didn't like.

Cogs-Folk do have specialized subgroups that focus on specific areas of tech. These would be their Guilds. All of their Guilds have a place of honor in the Cogs-Folk’s Great Guild Hall

Cogs-Folk, despite their practicality, or perhaps because of their affinity for tech, believe everything can, and likely does, have a soul. They also believe in the possibility of reincarnation. Due to this their Great Guild Hall contains a repository for the ashes and ingots that comprise the earthy remains of fallen honored Cogs-Folk called the Hanger Foundry. There the remains are placed in the sacred Boxes of Mortal Effects.

Notable Members:

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