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Tilo Barnabus played by actor Jaden Betts was just a young boy when his father (Brother of Captain Barnabus) went off to fight in the Ravagers War. The Ravagers War was a massacre to say the least. Growing up, Tilo wished he had the chance to really say goodbye to his father; the only thing he had to remember him by was a engraved fish-hook necklace. Shortly after his father's death, Tilo learns of his uncle and seeks to get closer to him and so he seeks out the TWF Rosemary. Tilo's father and his brother Neil had a falling out when they were younger, Neil knows nothing of his brother's death or his nephew's existence. Tilo seeks to get closer to his father by joining his uncle and becoming a True Winds Cadet. This is where Tilo meets Terrance Lowry and the two become good friends. Tilo later reveals to Captain Barnabus of his father's passing. Though, Tilo's story is secondary to the main cast; we find he represents strength and family.

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