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Officially designated The Principality of Devania; derived from their convention of being ruled by a Prince (a title which for five generations has been held by a female member of the Royal family of Devania, the House of de Lamitsu). Devanians do not so much believe in the divine right of rulers as in the divine nature of rulers.

Flag of the Principality of Devania

Consequently the ruling Prince is styled Her Divine Highness, Their Regnal Name, The Prince of Devania. Theoretically this could be His Divine Highness or Their Divine Highness but currently it has been Her Divine Highness for five consecutive rulers.

During the events of the series a dispute over who should be the current Prince has beset the Principality following Lamia de Lamitsu having her throne usurped by her cousin Vashteh.

Despite the name, that belies the nation’s size, power and influence, Devania possesses a large and formidable fleet and its own goals when it comes to dominance of the Air-Currents.

They serve as the main rival to the Skyfell, and are the main thing standing between them and total control. This rivalry bears some resemblance to The Great Game played by the British and Russia Empires during the 18th an 19th Centuries.

Devania's clandestine service is the Luscinic Bureau the headquarters of which is found, near the palace (as the LB arose from a division of the palace guard charged with protection of the Prince specifically), in the Principality’s capital city, Devain.

Known Devanians