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A four legged pirate who joins up with the Scribe Feathers at the end of Season 3. Opens up the storyline to deal with the surface, mutated humans, and The Before. While Scribe Feathers tend to be quiet, intellectual, bookish types, Frida is pure muscle, looking to solve any and all problems with her fists, especially if those problems are threats to her captain and crew.


Frida was born in the Shadowlands to unknown parents that died when she was young. While she grew up in mutant society she yearned to see the sky. She snuck away from her home in the Shadowlands to make her way across the seas to a Skyport where she stowed away on a Skyfell vessel. She was eventually discovered and imprisoned, and later sold off to a small circus ship that used her for labor and entertainment. As one of the few mutants in the sky, she was treated as something of a freak show by most who saw her. She learned to fight from a combination of surviving on the streets, standing up to herself to the crew that owned her, and acrobatics that she learned in the circus.

Her freedom was granted when a Scribe Feather ship headed by Caelum Cerillian encountered the circus vessel she was on. Caleum, whose crew was researching the existence of mutants and the corrupting energies of the surface at the time, understood more about Frida's true nature as a mutant than her owners did. He also empathized with her, as he was not human himself. He purchased her freedom, but when her owners tried to double-cross him, he ordered his crew to sink the ship and she watched her owners go down in a fiery blaze, sinking beneath the clouds.

Frida has pledged herself to Caelum's fleet, the Scribe Feathers, ever since. She is often reassigned to whichever ship in the fleet needs the most muscle at the time. She is sometimes referred to as "The Scribe's Surprise" as she is far, far more violent than most members of her home fleet.


Frida can at best be called a sadist and at worst a psychopath. When she realized that she was willing to go to violent lengths the rest of the Feathers would not, she also realized that she was very, very, good at hurting people. She recklessly throws herself into danger and often tries to solve problems with force first. Though, she is very careful not to disobey the Scribe's chain of command.

She is fiercely loyal and refuses to break promises or let a debt go unpaid. She considers her life in debt to the Scribe Feathers and thus very obediently listens to even the lowest member in the Scribe's hierarchy. She will fight for a Cabin boy as if her life depended on it. She frequently values the lives of others before her own.

After Caelum's death, Frida began to calm down. Deciding to carry on his legacy, she decided to lead her own Scribe Feather's ship after season 4, crewed entirely by mutants. While she still has a sadistic edge, the learns that sometimes you have to reign yourself in to protect the things you cherish. She seeks to make the Scribe Feathers a suitable home for anyone else who feels like they have no place to go.


  • Caelum Cerillian - Caelum is the one person who Frida can be shown acting soft and kind to. She believes she owes him a life debt for rescuing her and quite clearly has feelings for him, despite knowing that he does not return those feelings.
  • Keelie Lawless - Frida is fiercely jealous of Keelie as she is Caelum's primary romantic interest. She particularly thinks that a human like her would not know anything about the troubles non-humans like her and Caelum have to deal with. She regards her as a spoiled girl who knows nothing of the actual ways of battle and the blade, and thinks Caelum would be happier with someone who can take care of herself. She retains this fierce rivalry with Keelie through the end of the series, even after she joins the Forsaken.
  • Drake - As a Scribe Feathers deserter, Drake's existence deeply upsets Frida. While they start as enemies, repeated encounters breed a reluctant tolerance between the two, eventually forming something of an awkward hate filled friendship.
  • Captain Laslo Gilliweed - Frida meets up with Gilliweed several times before his death. She knows his identity as a mutant, even though he hides it from other people. They form a friendship, not only over their ability to confide in each other over their mutant existence, but also through their shared love of violence.