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In the books, Kelliandra Lawlin- Kelly for short- is the daughter of Charles and Melanie Lawlin, prominent officials in the Scribe Feathers who work for royal families and government officials. They expect Kelly to do the same, raising her to be proper and polite and enrolling her in the Scribe Feather school very early on, and with her special knack for writing, transcribing and linguistics, she quickly became a contender to become an Ambassador, the first step to becoming like her parents like they always wanted.

Despite their best efforts, however, she was always getting in trouble for forging signatures and driving her personal tutors crazy except for one, her favorite, Frederick. All Kelly wanted to was explore and sail the skies for adventure on the ships that she always saw in the busy ports, not as a scribe, but as what her parents scoffed at as the “dirty and uneducated” members of their crews.

Kelly ran away before her Scribe Feather conscription graduation and snuck aboard the Cogs-Folk Repair Vessel (RV) Rust Buster (funny as the ship itself was covered in rust) as a stowaway intending to get to the Sky Winds Training Institute and was able to remain in hiding before getting caught after they’d already been underway with no spare time to turn around. She bargained with them and after proving that she was willing to learn anything and do any job to stay on, they let her work as a fill in in the galley, engine room, and of course scrubbing the deck.

After a few months of working on the RV Rust Buster, it was brought up in conversation with the first mate and the captain about her dreams of becoming a True Wind. At first they laughed at her, but after hearing her plan and seeing how hard she was willing to work to do it, they made a plan to drop her off at the Sky Winds Training Institute since it was the next planet they were heading to. One of the Cogs-Folk crew members who used to be a student there gave her his old Institute uniform (hence why it’s so big on her) and gave her the run down of how the school was laid out, who to talk to, who to avoid to not get caught, etc. even down to copying his old student ID.

She then attended the Sky Winds Training Institute briefly under the alias Keelie Lawless.

She had hardly started her plan after getting in the doors when the SWTI was attacked by pirates, which is where her appearance in the TV series begins. She was rescued by Captain Barnabus and was allowed to stay on as a member of the crew. While on board she fell in love with, and began a relationship with Caelum Cerillian, the Scribe Feather Ambassador on board.

During the attack at the Interplanetarial Gala on Unterra she was forced to reveal her history of being a Scribe Feather and her original name. Caelum then lied that they couldn't love her anymore, in order to protect them, and was abducted by the Necronaut crew led by Captain Olaf Hellman before they could tell her the truth. She then watched helplessly as Caelum was executed by Captain Hellman.

After the death of Annie she blamed all Four Fleets for the deaths of Annie, Caelum, and the others. She went rogue and join the Forsaken as a result.