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"The Boy's Got A Point..."

Meadow was portrayed by Gary Hampton in Ships Of The Northern Fleet. He is the only character to appear in every single episode of the show.

Most of Meadow's screen time was shared with Squak. The two were an infamous adventuring duo on the series, often splintering off to solve related mysteries to the episode's main plot which would help solve the problems of the rest of the crew inadvertently.

Character and Reception

Meadow was a fan favourite, as many viewers felt that they grew up with him as they watched the series. Gary was five years old when the series started, and was seventeen at the time of the series twelve finale.

His catchphrase for the first three seasons was "How did you squak me into this?" This catch phrase was received with mixed reception, some calling it too cheesy while others thought his childish delivery of the line was where it found its charm.

Behind the Scenes

Because he was a child actor, they often had to use a body double after Gary had finished his hours for the day.