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The Skyfell is a militant superpower based in the Air-Currents. They are spread across several floating continents. They control all of the second-largest largest continent, Velol-Ask, where they are based and most of their territory is. Additionally, they are spread across several sky islands, outposts in other countries, and a sizeable part of the mainland surface.

One of the first nations to fully convert their military, transport structure, and economy to life in the Air-Currents, much of their culture revolves around flight. For a mojority of history, all life in the sky was made possible because of Skyfell technology. Even now, despite other forms of sky-travel being possible, people still primarily use Skyfell controlled Taxi networks. This control of transportation and trade gives them a significant amount of diplomatic power.


The culture of the Skyfell is extremely militant, being a Military Dictatorship. Their leader is known as the Grand Admiral and is also the leader of their navy, known as The Fell Fleet.