Ships of the Northern Fleet TV Show Wiki

[Scene opens on Isaac Kenting walking onto the balcony of the spire in the capital of Skyfell, speaking into a speaker system piped to the Fell Fleet's airships that hover in the sky, booming his voice to the Fellian people.]

Beloved citizens of Skyfell. I have come to deliver grave news.

Your beloved Grand Admiral Atere has passed, slain by one of her dearest friends, Captain Neil Barnabus of the True Winds! It is cold comfort to report that she took his life in return, proving the legend of his immortality as false as his claims of peace.

For too long has Skyfell served at the behest of this supposed alliance of the Four Fleets, and for what? We were supposed to be working together, but Skyfell provided them the technology, the ships, the resources, the men to make their alliance work.

And what did Skyfell get from this alliance? NOTHING!

The Scribe Feathers refuse to share their secrets us, keeping us in the dark of our own history.

The Cogs Folk hide ancient tech scavenged from ruins of the Before, denying us improvements to the very technology we gave them in the first place!

The Necronauts seek immortality at the expense of countless Fellian lives devoted to their cause yet denied the fruits of their labor.

And the True Winds, the worst of all, claiming to do all for “adventure.” Do you know what “adventure” means? It means selfishness. It means putting yourself before the good of the people, the well-being of your brothers and sisters. It means taking, taking from the land, taking from the sky, taking from your allies, taking all for yourself under the pretense of being some sort of hero. A hero to whom I ask? None of us. The heroes of the True Winds like Barnabus Himself, simply sought to aggrandize their legends at the expense of all else.

Skyfell used to be a great nation, but now what are we?… slaves to the whims of nothing more than pirates, babysitters to a conclave of supposed leaders that has no nation to call their own. The alliance supposedly protects the seas above from threat, but what threat? We have cannons to fight the winged serpents, police to fend off the Daggers. Meanwhile, the Alliance exposes us to new threats daily, consorting with the monsters of the surface, treating them like people, letting them walk among us.

They say they used to be people. People? People with fangs and claws. People who look like the monsters of the sky, that slither like the serpents, that crawl like demons! Even if we were to entertain the absurd claim that these beasts are former people, would the Alliance have us exposed to whatever hellish disease that warped them so, so that we could join them in their deformed misery?

But look no further than the actions of the legendary Barnabus to see where the alliance’s true intentions lie. Your own Grand Admiral uncovered a secret of the ages, the key to a device that could provide infinite energy, the very reason our land rests above the clouds. We could tap into that energy. We could use it for the prosperity of all!

And what did Barnabus do? He saw your Grand Admiral slain instead of share it with us. He sought to keep it for himself, selfish, just like any other True Wind. A life taken, and for what!? For greed.

No more. As you know the Admiral trusted me as her second in command, which means it is my duty to take on her title and lead this nation into the future. I take on this duty with a heavy heart, but I assure you, I will not make the same mistakes of the past. Our dear admiral was taken in by the lies of the alliance because she was a kind natured person, who believed in the genuine good at the core of every single human being. It is crushing to know that she was wrong, that evil does exist, and at best that evil seeks to take advantage of us and at worst it seeks to destroy us.

So as my first act as Grand Admiral, I will be severing our ties with the alliance. All of our troops in Alliance Fleets will be recalled to the homeland to join our own grand Fell Fleet. We will refocus to protect our people, our culture, our prosperity. We will not let Fellians suffer for others who would only see us come to harm.

Under my command we will find this relic of world’s lost, this Apparatus. We will tear it from the hands of greed and we will bring it home to our beloved nation. We welcome the Alliance to stay out of our way, and leave Fellian matters to the Fellian people, but if they seek to harm us, to keep us from our right as the first nation in the sky, then we are prepared to defend ourselves.

Skyfell first. Skyfell forever!