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The Four Fleets are the spiritual descendants of the four Old Fleets that were sent out after the Strife of Edith to protect the northern sea. These fleets eventually banded together to become the Alliance of Sky Sailors.

The Four Fleets as we know them today were created when Captain Hellman split the remaining crews of the Alliance of the Sky Sailors after the Council Massacre. The name is a homage to the original four fleets that brought their forerunners to the North.

The Four Fleets:[]

Non-Alliance Fleets:[]

  • The Daggers - Independent fleet led by the Blade Admiral filled with deserters, outcasts, scoundrels, and thieves
  • The Fell Fleet - Imperial navy controlled by the nation of Skyfell (Led by the Grand Admiral, formerly Amisk Atere, now Isaac Kenting). The Fell Fleet is unmatched in terms of sheer numbers compared to other fleets.
  • The Pale - Mysterious ships said to wander the skies at night
  • The Soul Blades - A crew of men kicked from the True Winds bent on revenge heavily seen in Season 6 (Led By Captain Retch)
  • The Forsaken - A vigilante syndicate that abide by their own code.
  • The Principality of Devania - Despite the name, derived from their convention of being ruled by a Prince (a title which for five generations has been held by a female member of the Royal family of Devania, the House of de Lamitsu). Devania possesses a large and formidable fleet and its own goals when it comes to dominance of the Air-Currents.